How to change password?

In order to change your password, please go to your Profile drop-down menu, then choose Change Password tab.

 To change the password:

1. In the Existing Password field, enter your current password.

2. In the New Password field, enter a new password meeting the requirements found at the bottom of the page.

3. Click the Generate button if you wish to use an automatically generated password that will be automatically filled in the New Password field. You can customize or delete it if necessary.

4. Your passwords stay hidden by default. If necessary, click the “eye” icon to have your passwords displayed.

5. In the Confirm New Password field, enter your new password again for confirmation.

6. After you have finished, click Submit to save the new password.

7. Upon successful completion, the message “Your EWUB account password has been successfully changed. Date. Time” will be displayed on your screen.

8. The new password can be used for your next login.

For security, we recommend to change your password frequently. Do not share your password with anyone.