How to create a payment order?

In order to create a payment order, please go to the TRANSACTIONS tab located in the left menu bar, choose the tab NEW TRANSFER, then choose the EXTERNAL TRANSFER tab to create transfers to third-party accounts or to your accounts in other banks.

To create a payment order:

1. Fill out the Main Details form by entering your account, transfer amount, and currency, payment details as well as your preferences for the execution date, priority, and fee type.

2. Fill out the Beneficiary Details form:

  • In the case of an existing beneficiary, select a name of your saved beneficiaries from a drop-down menu, choose one of their existing accounts/templates (if there are several of them).
    • If a template contains the amount and currency in addition to bank details, the system will ask you to confirm whether manually entered amount and currency should be replaced with saved template data or kept intact.
  • In the case of a new beneficiary, enter the beneficiary’s name, IBAN, country and address (optional).
    • When entering the Beneficiary Account Number / IBAN, make sure to always select the check box next to it.
    • The IBAN format is then checked against the database, and if it is correct, bank details will be populated automatically.
    • When the account number entered is in a format other than IBAN, additional fields will be activated for completion: beneficiary’s bank name and BIC.

3. If necessary, fill out the Supporting Details form by including uploaded documents and additional notes.

4. If you choose Save the draft, your transaction will not be executed right away. It will be kept on Pending Authorisation page for you (or an authorised person) to process or decline later.

    5. Click Validate, and you will be redirected to the confirmation page where you can review the transaction details.

    6. Review the transaction details and choose to edit, confirm, or cancel it.

    7. When confirming, you will be asked to additionally verify the transaction via your HID Approve application.

    8. After the approval, the screen will be refreshed to show the status of your transaction, Transaction Number / UTN, transfer amount, account number of the recipient, and links to other actions, including:

    • Export in PDF. Export the transaction details in a PDF file.
    • Transaction Details. View the transaction details in the browser.
    • Update template. Option available if a beneficiary template was used to complete the transaction.
    • Save as new template. Save a new Beneficiary’s details used in the transaction in your Beneficiaries list. (Recommended if multiple transfers / payments are expected). Choose whether to save the values and amount fields in the template or not.
    • New Transfer. Return to the main Transfer page.

    You can view your transactions and their statuses at any time on the User Activity page that you can reach via the left menu: Transactions > User Activity

    Some statuses allow for certain actions related to the transaction, e.g. cancelation, rejection, or approval.

    Draft transactions will be displayed on Transactions > Pending Authorisation page.