How to create a payment template?

You can create a new payment template when making a payment. As soon as your payment is completed, you will be offered an option of saving the transaction details as a new template.

You can also create a payment template before making a payment. In order to do it, you need to create a new beneficiary first.

To create a new beneficiary and a payment template:


2. Click the Add New Beneficiary button.

3. Complete the required fields concerning the beneficiary section (name, address, and contact details).

4. Click Add Account / Template to activate other fields to be completed:

  • the Template Name field.
  • the Beneficiary Account Number / IBAN field. Select the check box next to the Beneficiary Account Number / IBAN field.
  • After you have entered IBAN, it will be checked, and if the format is correct, bank details will be populated automatically. When the account number entered is in a format  other than IBAN, additional fields will be activated for you to complete: a beneficiary’s bank BIC and name.
  • Enter the amount and payment details (optional).

5. Repeat the step 4 if you need to add other accounts for the same beneficiary. 

6. After you have filled in all the details, click Save.

7. You will be prompted to validate the creation of a new beneficiary and payment template via your HID Approve application.

8. The saved payment templates will be available for you to choose from when making External Transfers.

To update a template:

  •  Please click the arrow sign (>) next to the template name in the Linked Accounts / Templates section. Then press the Cross icon (X) next to the Account Number / IBAN filed to activate account details for editing.
  • You can also delete account details linked to a beneficiary by clicking the Trash icon next to the template name.

To initiate a payment order:

  • Select a beneficiary and click the down-looking arrow icon to view linked accounts/templates.
  • Select the template/account from which you want to make a transfer. Click the side-looking arrow (>) next to the name of the template.

    You will be redirected to the External Transfer page with all template parameters prepopulated. Fill in the missing information to complete the payment.