How to customize quick links?

In order to create quick access links to your most used features, to be displayed at the top of the Home Page, please to go to the SETTINGS tab located in the left menu bar, then choose the QUIK LINKS tab. You can select up to five (5) links from 17 options provided to quickly access your most used functions.

To customize quick links:

1. Click on the Change icon on the left side of each option. A list of all available options will be shown.

2. Select the link you wish to have a quick access to from your Home Page.

3. Repeat steps 1,2 to set five (5) quick links.

4. To change the display order, drag and drop the links.

5. Click Reset button to reset the changes and the order of the links.

6. Click Save button apply the changes.

7. Click Home to view the changes