How to find out the status of mass payment?

In order to view the status of your mass payment, please go to the TRANSACTIONS tab located in the left menu bar, then choose the BATCH TRANSACTION STATUS tab.

This page provides you with the details of every batch transaction along with the information and status for each transaction included in the batch.

 To view a batch transaction status:

1. Use the Select Client (Payer) drop-down menu to narrow down the accounts shown to a single client (this selector will not be available to users with acess to only one client).

  • Selecting “All” will show accounts of all connected clients.
  • If you selected a custom client list in “Clients Displayed” only clients in this list will be shown in the dropdown.

2. Use the Account | Available balance drop-down menu to select an account. Click Search.

3. By default, the system displays the last 10 batch transactions with their statuses.

4. To find a specific batch transaction:

  • Either select а predefined period from a drop-down menu or set your period by selecting specific dates using the calendar icons. By default, the system displays the transactions made over the last month.
  • Use the search functionality by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

5. In order to find the status of an individual transaction in the batch, click the arrow symbol to the right of each batch transaction.

6. You can view additional details of an individual transaction in the batch by clicking the arrow symbol related to a particular individual transaction. For each transaction, you can view the following details:

  • transaction number
  • signatures remaining
  • creator's User ID
  • BIC when applicable
  • bank name
  • account from which the transaction was made 
  • description
  • amount
  • transaction status

7. You can export the list of batch transactions displayed on the Batch Transaction Status page to a PDF / Excel file by clicking the export icon (a square with an arrow). Please note that the exported file will contain the information you see on the screen — all selections and filters will apply.