How to log in to the new version of EWUB Internet Bank?

Before your first login:

  •  Make sure you received your User ID. User ID is provided by the Bank.
  •  Make sure you have access to the phone number registered with the Bank.
  •  Make sure your mobile phone has internet access.

For the first time login:

1. Install HID Approve app on your smart phone (links for iOS, for Android).

    2. On EWUB Internet Bank’s Login page enter your User ID only (leave the Password field blank) and press Login.

    3. You will be redirected to the page Create permanent password.

    4. Enter the temporary password that you will receive via SMS to your mobile phone, registered at the Bank. In case you did not receive a password or it has expired, use the Resend button to re-request a temporary password.

    5. Create your permanent password, following the password creation rules at the bottom of the page Create Permanent Password. Click Submit button. Please note that the Submit button will only become active when your password complies with all the rules.

    6. After creating a permanent password, a QR code will appear on your screen. Get ready to scan this QR code with the HID Approve app. Do not use your smartphone's camera for this!

    7. Open the HID Approve app, tap the app screen and scan the QR code that appears on the Internet Bank screen.


    8. If you are unable to scan the QR code, in the HID Approve app select the enter invite manually. Fields for filling will appear on the application screen.


    Enter manually the parameters (User ID, Invite Code, Service URL) to the application. The parameters are displayed in the section Or Complete the parameters next to the QR code at Internet Bank screen.

    9. If for any reason you left the scan mode or manual entry of parameters in the HID Approve app, click on the key icon with a plus sign - this will return you to the Add service function.

    At this point, do not use the Challenge Code feature or try to create or enter any other codes.

    10. Create a separate password for HID Approve app.

    Please note that this is a password for HID Approve application only. Do not mix it with Internet Bank password further. You will have to enter this password every time you need to use HID Approve app. For you convenience, there is an option to activate Touch/Face ID function (the settings is available in the app menu).

    11. The message “East-West United Bank service has been registered successfully” will appear on the screen of HID Approve app. It means that your device is ready for work.

    12. In the Internet Bank click Continue button to finish the registration process. You will be redirected to the Homepage to log in to Internet Bank using your User ID, permanent password and the HID Approve app (see the next paragraph "Day-to-day login to the Internet bank").

    Day-to-day login to the Internet Bank:

    1. Enter your User ID and permanent password to log into the Internet Bank.

    2. A pop-up window will appear on your screen asking you to confirm your login using the HID Approve app.

    3. Open the HID Approve app and confirm your login to Internet Bank.