How to confirm your action in Internet Bank via HID Approve app?

You will need the HID Approve app to confirm actions such as: login, approval or cancelation of a transaction, creation of a beneficiary, change your contact information or your password.

There are two ways to confirm your action:

1. Using push notifications — this option can be used if you have an Internet connection and your mobile device is online.

2. Using a Challenge code — this option can be used if there is no Internet connection or your device is offline.

    To confirm using push notifications:

    1. The push notification method is used by default. A pop-up Push Notification window appears on your screen automatically when the system prompts you to confirm your action via HID Approve app. Do not click Cancel unless you want to return to the Login page or use another confirmation method.

    2. Log in to your HID Approve application.

    3. If push notifications are enabled, you can immediately see the action awaiting your confirmation. Read it carefully. Confirm or Decline the action.

      4. If push notifications are disabled, find the Pending Requests tab in the HID Approve menu and click it. Now you can see the action awaiting your confirmation. 

      5. If you have not received any message in the HID Approve application, click Cancel and then click the Push Notification button in the pop-up window on the Internet Bank screen.

      6. Open the HID Approve app again and confirm your action.

      7. After successful confirmation, your Internet Bank screen will be automatically refreshed.

          To confirm using a Challenge code:

          1. To use the Challenge code feature, first click Cancel on the Push Notification pop-up window, then click the Challenge code button. 

          2. A pop-up window with a six-digit Challenge code will appear.

          3. Log in to your HID Approve App. Enter the verification code from your Internet Bank screen to the HID Approve app.

          4. Tap the HID Approve screen to generate the Response code.

          5. Enter the Response code to the Response box in the Internet Bank pop-up window.

          6. Click the Submit button.

          7. The system will check whether the codes entered are valid to complete the process.

          8. The Cancel button will take you back to the Login page.

          9. After successful confirmation, your Internet Bank screen will be automatically refreshed.