How to work with HID Approve application?

What is HID Approve application

For your security in EWUB Internet Bank we use two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication you need to provide two pieces of information when you make an important action in the Internet Bank — your password and the verification code generated by a token.

For the new version of EWUB Internet Bank we use a mobile token HID Approve — a software-based and PIN-protected code generator application.

What you need HID Approve application for

You will need it to generate authorization for some actions (login, change of contact details, creating new beneficiary, etc.) and confirmation of transactions in the Internet Bank.

Read here how to authorize your action with the HID Approve application.

How to set up HID Approve application

You should be ready to install and activate your HID Approve application during your first-time login.

Only one mobile token may be activated per User ID at any one time, thus we recommend you to install HID Approve application on your mobile phone.