How to upload the registry for mass payment?

To prepare the registry for mass payment:

Please create a TXT or CSV or XML file containing the following fields.

  • Fields marked with a check are mandatory. The rest of the fields are optional.
  • Please pay attention to the required sequence of the fields, the format of information (text or numeric) and the length of text/numbers.
  • For TXT and CSV files you can use comma, tab, or hash to separate different transaction details in the file.
  • For XML file please use tab delimiter only.
  • Here is the example of one line in the file using comma as a delimiter

881.22,USD,SHA,1,BEN NAME ONE,LU123456,LU,ADDRESS,RCBLCY2IXXX, payment details

To upload the file for mass payment:

1. From Account|Available balance select the client you want to create a mass payment for.

2. Select the file type for the file that will be uploaded for the payment (.txt, .csv, or .xml).

3. Select the file delimiter (comma, tab, or hash) to be used to separate different transaction details in the uploaded file. This option is enabled for TXT and CSV files.

4. Select the template type — External Transfer.

5. Click the plus icon to upload the file for mass payment from your device.

6. The value date for execution of the payments is displayed for your information.

7. Add a description for the uploaded file (optional).

8. The transactions will be uploaded and validated by the system to ensure that the fields are correct.

9. The system will validate the actual data, account numbers, currency, etc. Only valid transactions will be allowed for submission.

10. If there are errors, system messages will appear. The file will need to be reloaded after the required corrections are made.

11. To delete all transfer details without submitting the transaction, click Clear.

12. When you have filled in the details, click Validate.

To confirm a mass payment:

  • You will be redirected to the confirmation page where you will be able to review the mass payment details once again and confirm or cancel the transaction.
  • To complete the mass payment, you will be asked to additionally verify the transaction using two-factor authentication via your HID Approve application.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed and verified, the transaction status will appear along with the transaction number and other relevant options:
    • Export Details. Export in PDF.
    • Go Home. Return to Home Page.