How to view information on my accounts and assets?

The information about your accounts and assets can be viewed at different Internet Bank locations.

 1.    Home page

On this page, you can get a graphical view of your Total Wealth and your Assets Breakdown.

You can view your accounts with current and available balances. Against each of your accounts, you can see an icon featuring three vertical dots (Quick Actions button) that allows you to immediately go to the quick menu containing key actions available for your accounts, including making a transfer, viewing an e-statement, downloading a certificate of payment details.

You can always access this page by clicking the Home button in the left menu bar or by clicking the logo in the top left corner.

2.    Product overview

This page provides a list of all your product types (i.e. accounts, deposits, portfolios) along with some basic details for each product (i.e. balances, totals, etc.) and the possibility to make certain quick actions (i.e. make a transfer, view account information, change alias, etc.). Please go to PRODUCTS menu available on your left side, then choose the tab PRODUCT OVERVIEW.

  • Click the All tab to view all your products.
  • Click the Accounts tab to view your account details.
  • Click the Deposits tab to view your deposit details.

3.   Account information

On this page, you can look up your account details and see transaction history for selected periods. You can also initiate basic transactions and export account details and transaction history. Please go to PRODUCTS menu available on your left side, then choose the tab ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

  1. Use the Select Client (Payer) drop-down menu to narrow down the accounts shown to a single client (this selector will not be available to users with access to only one client).

      • Selecting “All” will show accounts of all connected clients.
      • If you selected a custom client list in “Clients Displayed” only clients in this list will be shown in the dropdown. 

         2. Use the Account | Available balance drop-down menu to select an account.

         3. Click Show More Details to see more details (account type, opening date, etc.).

         4. If you want to download your account info, click the PDF icon.

           5. You can also copy IBAN to clipboard by clicking the Copy icon next to IBAN information.