What is Alias and how to set it up?

Alias is a personalized name for your account to be displayed instead of the account number.

Use names like “Main account”, “Partner’s account EUR” or name of a person/company to more easily recognize them in the Internet Bank.

To set or change Alias Name for any of your accounts:

1. Go to the SETTINGS tab located in the left menu bar, then choose the ACCOUNT PERSONALISATION tab.

2. Add the Account name to the appropriate field.

  • Once you have made the changes, click Save.

You can also set or change Alias name from pages: Account overview, Account information.

1. Click on Quick action icon (three vertical dots) available next to the account number.

2. In a pop up window choose Change Alias.

3. Add the Account name and click Save.

You can set or change Alias Name for any of your accounts it any time.