What if I forgot my HID Approve app password?

If you forgot your password for HID Approve application, you have to deactivate your existing HID Approve app registration, re-register your app in the Internet Bank and create a new password.

Before your start:

  • Make sure your mobile phone has internet connection.
  • Make sure you have access to EWUB Internet Bank.

Re-registering HID Approve app:

1. On your mobile device open HID Approve application to deactivate your existing HID Approve app registration.

  • press Menu,
  • then select Delete
  • and confirm by pressing Yes.

2. Open EWUB Internet Bank’s Login page. Enter your User ID and password to log in to the Internet Bank as usually.

3. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to enter One-Time Password in order to register your mobile device as a two-factor authentication tool.

    Press Get Code button and check your phone. You will receive SMS with One-Time Password.

    4. Enter the received One-Time Password to the dedicated field.

      Press Submit.

      5. A pop up window with explanations on next steps will appear on your screen. Read them and press Continue.

        6. A window with QR code will appear on your screen. 

        Get ready to scan this QR code with the HID Approve app. Do not use your smartphone's camera for this!

        7. Open your HID Approve app.

        Tap the app screen, the camera window should appear. Scan the QR code displayed on the Internet Bank screen.


          8. Create a new password for EWUB service in HID Approve app following the password creation rules indicated below the password line.

            9. The message “East-West United Bank service has been registered successfully” will appear on the screen of HID Approve app.

              Press OK.

              10. On the Internet Bank screen press Continue to finish the registration process.

                11. Now your device is ready for work. You can enter your Internet Bank and make transactions using the registered HID Approve app as a two-factor authentication tool.