What if my phone with mobile token has been lost or stolen?

If your phone with a mobile token was lost or stolen, please contact the Bank.

The bank has to deactivate the existing mobile token registration installed on your lost mobile device. Then you will be able to reinstall the mobile token to a new mobile device.

 Getting ready to reinstall your mobile token:

  • Contact the bank to deactivate your old mobile token. Please note that deactivation will require some time and can be done during office hours only.
  • Install HID Approve app on your new mobile device (links for iOS, for Android).

Reinstalling mobile token to a new device:

1. Enter your User ID and password to log in to the Internet Bank.

2. After login you will be asked to enter One Time Password in order to set up two-factor authentication using a mobile token.

The One Time Password is delivered by SMS. Press GET CODE button and check your phone.

3. Enter the received One Time Password to the dedicated field in the Internet Bank. Press SUBMIT. A window with QR code should appear on the screen.

4. Open your HID Approve app and follow the instructions.

5. Scan the QR code which is displayed on the screen of the Internet bank.

Or, if scanning was not successful

Choose to enter invite manually. Enter the parameters displayed in the Internet Bank (User ID, Invite Code, Service URL) manually to the application.

6. Create an HID Approve app password.

Please note that this is a password for HID Approve application only. Do not mix it with Internet Bank password nor with your Phone's PIN-code further. You will have to enter this password every time you need to use HID Approve app. For you convenience, there is an option to activate touch/face ID function (the settings is available in the app menu).

7. The message “East-West United Bank service has been registered successfully” will appear on the screen of HID Approve app. It means that your device is ready for work.   

8. In the Internet Bank click on the CONTINUE button to finish the process. You will be redirected to the Home page.