Where can I see the status of my payment order?

In order to view the status of your payment order, please go to the TRANSACTIONS tab located in the left menu bar, then choose the USER ACTIVITY tab.

To find a transaction:

1. If you have a user access to multiple clients, use the Select Client (Payer) drop-down menu to narrow down the accounts shown to a single client (this selector will not be available to users with access to only one client).

  • Selecting “All” will show accounts of all connected clients.
  • If you selected a custom client list in “Clients Displayed”, only clients in this list will be shown in the dropdown.

2. Use the Account | Available balance drop-down menu to select an account.

3. Click Search to see the list of transactions for the selected account pending your authorization.

4. Click the arrow symbol to the right of each line to see the transaction details. Expanded details also include the documents for the transaction available for download.

      5. You can export the displayed transactions to a PDF / Excel file by clicking the export icon (a square with an arrow). Please note that the exported file will contain the information you see on the page—all selections and filters will apply.

      6. You can approve or decline transactions one by one or approve / decline all of them by using the Select All command for a corresponding action. Pressing the Clear button will clear the ticked boxes.

      7. Click the Submit button to proceed to the confirmation page where you can confirm your decision.

          To understand the status of a transaction:

          Some statuses imply the possibility of transaction-related actions. 

          • Completed. Transaction processing is complete. No further actions are possible.
          • Cancelled. Transaction was cancelled by the Internet Bank user.
          • Failed. Transaction could not be sent to the bank for processing.
          • Rejected. Transaction was rejected by the bank.
          • Declined. Transaction was “Pending Authorisation” and an Authoriser “Declined” the transaction.
          • Submitted. Transaction was sent to the bank for processing; a response from the bank is pending.
          • Pending. Transaction is scheduled to be sent for processing to the bank. Pending transactions can be cancelled by clicking the Cancel button next to them and then clicking Confirm.
          • Pending Authorisation. One or more approvals from other users are required to submit the transaction to the bank.
          • Pending Execution. Transaction is being processed by the bank.

          Additionally, for transfer orders with a foreign exchange component:

          • Special rate requested. The user has created a transaction and asked for a special rate quote.
          • Special rate provided. A special rate quote was provided by the bank for the transaction. To proceed, approve or reject the transaction by clicking the Approve or Reject button respectively.
          • Special rate rejected. The user has rejected the special rate provided by the bank. No further actions can be done by the user.
          • Special rate expired. The special rate provided by the bank has expired with no action on the part of the user. No further actions are possible.
          • Special rate cancelled by the bank. The bank has cancelled a special rate quote made earlier. No further actions can be done by the user.