Where to find a payment confirmation?

In the Internet Bank there are 3 types of reports available for you to confirm the payments/transfer or receipt of the money to your account: Confirmation of Debit (Debit Advice), SWIFT, Confirmation of credit (Credit Advice).

These reports are available only for the transactions which have been executed by the Bank and booked to your account. To view the list of the executed transactions and to find the payment confirmation, please go to PRODUCTS menu, then choose the ACCOUNT INFORMATION tab.

To find a transaction confirmation:

1. Use the Select Client (Payer) drop-down menu to narrow down the accounts shown to a single client (this selector will not be available to users with acess to only one client).

  • Selecting “All” will show accounts of all connected clients.
  • If you selected a custom client list in “Clients Displayed” only clients in this list will be shown in the dropdown.

2. Use the Account | Available balance drop-down menu to select an account.

3. To find the specific transaction:

  • Either select а predefined period from a drop-down menu or set your period by selecting specific dates using the calendar icons. By default, the system displays the transactions made over the last month. Click Search to see the list of your transactions for the chosen period. The most recent transactions will be at the top of the list.
  • Use the Search functionality by clicking the magnifying glass icon or click the Filter icon to narrow down the results.
  • Click any column header to sort the transactions in an ascending or descending order if necessary.

4. Click the arrow symbol to the right of each transaction line to see the details for the transaction in that line. Expanded details also include the transaction confirmations available for download.

If you cannot find a certain transaction in the list on this page, please refer to User Activity page to check the status of transaction